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Chair Yoga
If you have a cranky back or grumpy joints, or have difficulty getting up and down from a yoga mat, Sally or Jane will guide you through a full range of movement, designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, stronger and more flexible.
For those new to yoga as well as more experienced yogis returning to yoga.



We are offering three new six-week yoga series this fall:

"Easy Does It" Chair Yoga or "Yoga on the Ball" with Sally and 

"Yoga Sampler" with Taryn.

Just $70.00 per series of six classes. Pre-register by calling 250-937-YOGA.

Yoga on the Ball
Come try the newest yoga class at Suga! Combining yoga with the unique training possibilities of the exercise ball, Sally has created an innovative and effective workout. The stability ball is a great way to get extra support for moves that require endurance and flexibility, and it also adds a balance challenge to poses. Join Sally Mondays or Wednesdays at noon for a unique combination of Hatha Yoga and ball work, designed to build core strength, and provide natural stress relief. 


Yoga Sampler
Not sure what kind of yoga you'd like? If you don't know the difference between Hatha and Ashtanga, or don't know if you'd prefer a Vinyasa or Restorative class, this series is for you. Taryn will introduce and explain one type of yoga in each of the six classes, at a pace and level appropriate to beginners, or those wanting to explore beyond their preferred yoga practice. 

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